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Your business will never pay a dime for CollBox.

It’s true! For once, free really does mean free. No subscription fees, no hidden fees—no fees, period.

We started CollBox with one simple mission: to help businesses get paid what they’re owed.

We connect you with the best collection agencies, and they earn a percentage of what they’re able to collect on your behalf, meaning they don’t get paid unless you do! We get a percentage from the agency directly (after they’ve successfully gotten you paid), meaning you never pay CollBox a cent.

The percentage earned by the agency upon collection varies, based on a variety of factors. The two largest ones are the age of the debt and the type of debt (consumer or commercial). Get an exact quote for your business in a matter of minutes by creating a free CollBox account.

Create your CollBox Account, See What’s Collectible, & Get Matched With an Agency—Completely Free.

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