get paid for past-due invoices

We started CollBox with one simple mission:
to help businesses get paid what they're owed.

CollBox has 2 products that do just that!

Assist by CollBox

Assist is a monthly subscription service designed for recently past-due invoices (0-90 days) that require a softer touch with your customers.  Starting at just $250 per month, Assist provides you with a dedicated accounts receivable expert who works on your behalf to make sure you get paid for your hard work.

You keep 100% of the paid invoice, regardless of the amount of the invoice. 

Collect by CollBox

Collect is designed for seriously past-due (90+ days) invoices that need to be sent to Collections.  Collect connects you with vetted and professional collection agencies who work directly on your behalf to help you get paid.  

There are NO upfront costs and the agency only receives a percentage (starting at just 25%) of what they successfully collect from your unpaid invoice.  

Not sure which option is best for you?  Click here to learn more about these 2 CollBox products!

CollBox Is Here To Help You Worry Less,
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