Debt collection
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• Write off fewer bad debts

• Boost cash flow

• Get paid more of what you earn

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Revolutionizing the accounts receivable process

Getting paid what you’re owed can be a painful, time-consuming, and inefficient process.
CollBox payment collection system helps you easily collect more of the money that’s owed to you.

Collect cash, not debts

CollBox saves you the time and worry of chasing debt in person – and makes sure your crucial cash flow is protected. With CollBox, optimizing accounts receivable becomes an integral part of your everyday money management.

  • Stop your business being starved of cash.
  • Spend less time and money chasing slow payers
  • Do less paperwork
  • Protect valuable customer relationships.

So in the end, we have sent about $75,000 in receivables through CollBox. Let me say the experience has been wonderful. I have worked with two agencies, both incredibly nice, professional companies that keep me informed. I have an excel on hand that I keep track of who all of my collections are with, and what the status is. Both of them send me client statements…

– Chris Macksey, Custom Business Solutions

About us

Our vision at CollBox is to bring the debt collection process into the modern era—simple, clean, transparent, and fair.
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