For Accountants

Become a cashflow superhero

Effortlessly add a powerful debt collection service to your practice to help boost cashflow and clean up the books for your clients.

Seamlessly integrates with cloud accounting systems

CollBox integrates directly with popular cloud accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage One and FreshBooks, reducing the process of sending an unpaid invoice to collections down to just a few clicks.

Strengthen your practice and help boost cashflow

CollBox is free to use for both you and your clients and our collection agencies only charge a percentage-based fee when they successfully collect on unpaid invoices. This makes CollBox not only simple to use but also completely risk-free.

Add a valuable new service to your practice

CollBox allows you to add “Debt Collection” to the list of benefits of working with your practice without ever picking up the phone to chase an unpaid invoice. You’ll also provide your clients (as well as your own practice!) a simple way to recover past-due invoices that may have been given up on.

Comprehensive Integrations

Seamless integration with software you use every day.

CollBox directly integrates with popular cloud accounting solutions like QBO, Xero, SageOne and Freshbooks to make it easier than ever before to send past-due invoices to collections. By integrating with the most common accounting systems, we make it simple for a majority of your clients to take advantage of the CollBox service and get paid for their work. We’re always adding more integrations and can still help collect for your clients that aren’t using any of our supported integrations. Get in touch anytime and we can get you and your clients taken care of.

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Don’t see your accounting system or your system isn't available yet? Contact us and we will get you taken care of right away.

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"IT’S REALLY EASY! I had it connected and up...within about 4 minutes, from start to finish."

Stacy Kildal, The QBO Show

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CollBox fit into my existing A/R workflow?

CollBox picks up right where other A/R management tools and workflows leave off. Of course, it’s ideal for an invoice to never become significantly past-due, but when earlier steps in the workflow aren’t able to prevent it, CollBox is there to help you and your clients get paid for your work by rounding out your A/R game plan.

Why is CollBox better than handling it myself?

CollBox modernizes and simplifies the entire process of finding a professional, effective collection agency that will offer a competitive rate. CollBox doesn’t cost anything to use and users only pay a percentage-based fee to the collection agency if the agency successfully collects on the past-due invoice. That means you can add “Debt Collection” to the list of your existing services with no risk to you or your clients so you can focus on helping your clients succeed and growing your practice.

When should a past-due invoice be sent to collections?

This will depend on the relationship you and your clients have with your customers but a good rule of thumb is: The sooner you send a past-due invoice to collections, the higher the chances you’ll see a return and the lower the collection fee will be. Invoices lose value every month they go unpaid and the chance of collecting on them drops quickly over time so waiting too long can decrease the chances of seeing a return.

How will I or my clients get paid?

Once a debt has been placed with us and the collection agency successfully makes the collection, they will forward along the payment minus the fees for the collection directly to your client. Our agencies have 30 days to remit payment from the date of successful collection so there's no need to worry about long delays in your clients getting paid.