CollBox A/R: How it works

CollBox streamlines your accounts receivable, handling past-due invoices with automated and human interactions to get you paid for your hard work.

How does it work?

CollBox works by integrating with your accounting or billing system, detecting when invoices go past due, and beginning outreach on your behalf immediately and automatically.

We use a series of friendly automated email reminders, resend invoices, and relay payment instructions to get your customers back on track. If automated emails don’t do the trick, your trained A/R specialist reaches out by phone with a gentle, friendly touch to check for any issues and bring you into the mix as needed.

How are my customers contacted?

We use a mix of automated and human outreach dynamically for the highest chance of recovery. Every case is a little different (based on customer responses, processes, disputes, etc.) but a common scenario looks like this:

Past-due: Day 1

CollBox detects past-due invoices and automatically sends a friendly reminder email with a summary of open and overdue invoices, copies of the invoices, and payment instructions.

Past-due: Day 7

A second automated email is sent reminding the customer about the past-due invoices and how to get back on track.

⚠️ Please Note: CollBox does not negotiate disputes on your behalf. However, if your customer informs your A/R specialist that they are disputing a balance, we’ll let you know immediately (with as many details as we can gather) so you can step in and take action to resolve the dispute quickly.

💡 Additional Detail: When contacting your customers by phone, our specialists will reach out on behalf of your company. Email reminders will come from CollBox but will clearly state that we’re working with your company so there’s no confusion.

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CollBox outreach examples

Below are examples of both email and phone-based outreach performed by our team. These examples are from real outreach to our client’s customers and have details removed for privacy.

Email outreach examples

CollBox uses a mix of both friendly automated email reminders and personalized emails written by your dedicated A/R specialist. Below you’ll see examples of both kinds of outreach.

Automated email reminder

An example of automated outreach that occurs weekly for past-due accounts.

Custom email example 1

An example of an email to resolve a discrepancy in invoice amounts versus what was paid.

Custom email example 2

An example of a customer requesting information to make a payment and the A/R specialist responding.

Custom email example 3

An example of the A/R specialist helping with a request to update the name included on the invoice.

Phone outreach examples

Your dedicated A/R specialist will reach out on your behalf to your clients on a regular basis. Calls typically begin by days 10-14 past due and will recur biweekly thereafter. After contact is made, your A/R specialist will follow up dynamically based on the situation. Below are a few examples of our team’s conversations with clients’ customers.

💡 Note: These are transcripts of actual phone calls but with identifying information redacted for privacy.

How CollBox contacts you

Your dedicated A/R specialist will log all communications with your customers inside the CollBox timeline, giving you full transparency into what is happening with your accounts. You’ll also get  email notifications from your A/R specialist if any updates need your attention or action (disputes, invoicing errors, etc.). Below are some examples of the timeline view and email notifications you might receive.

The CollBox timeline

CollBox logs all inbound email communication received from your customers so you know how they are replying to your A/R specialist’s outreach.

A/R specialists log all calls they make and any custom emails they write to your customers, which you can easily see within the timeline for each customer in CollBox.

Email notifications

An example notification you could receive from your A/R specialist about a payment that has occurred. Once a specialist is told payment is made, they will look for updates to confirm payment before contacting the customer again.

An A/R specialist notifying our client that their customer mentioned already speaking with them about a billing issue. The A/R specialist is confirming those details so they don’t continue outreach in parallel to the client.

An example of an A/R specialist uncovering a situation where a customer was not satisfied with services provided and notifying our client so that they can quickly step in to resolve the situation.

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