CollBox launched in 2015 after months of searching for a reputable debt collection agency.

If you want to employ a collection agency, it’s tough to find one that understands your business, charges a reasonable rate, and operates to a high professional standard.

One of CollBox’s founders ran his own technology consultancy and every time a customer delayed payment, or failed to pay at all, he ran into the same problem. As a habitual problem-solver, he could not believe that there was not already a technological solution.

He tinkered with the idea for a while, and even put together a prototype. Then he got news of the hackathon at QuickBooks Connect 2015. It was the perfect time to turn his thinking into a workable solution.

With Cameron contributing his rapid development skills, the CollBox hopefuls turned up at QuickBooks Connect with the outline of CollBox, and enough tea to keep Cameron cutting code for the duration of the event.

30 hours later, the first version of CollBox was before the judges, who awarded us the grand prize at the QuickBooks $100,000 Hackathon.

It was success born of real-world experience. We hadn’t done formal research to identify the market. We WERE the market, and we recognized that there must be thousands of business owners facing the same challenge. The hackathon win confirmed our instincts, with so many ProAdvisors clamouring for more information and later signing up for the full version.

At the heart of CollBox is the rigorous selection process applied to the collection agencies. They are chosen for their professionalism and their knowledge of particular industries, as well their willingness to buy into the contract terms that make CollBox work.

Now, business owners don’t have to take a chance when they choose an agency to handle one of the most sensitive parts of any business. CollBox only recommends collectors with proven track records, who are dedicated to providing great service.

After all, putting a customer into a debt collection process is never a decision to be taken lightly, especially if it’s a customer that has previously been reliable. With the team’s real-world understanding of the realities of running a business, CollBox has made debt collection a more manageable, professional and effective process.

Cameron Desautels
CEO | Co-founder
Matt Darner
VP, Business Dev. | Co-founder

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From gentle follow-up to collections, CollBox is the simple A/R solution for businesses with slow and non-paying customers.