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Debunking Accounts Receivable Myths: Essential Insights for Business Success

by Matt DarnerVP, Business Dev. | Co-founder

Accounts receivable (AR) is a crucial part of any business, as it represents the amount of money owed by customers for goods or services that have been delivered but not yet paid for. Proper AR management is essential for maintaining cash flow and ensuring that a business can meet its financial obligations. However, there are several myths surrounding AR that can lead to poor decision-making and financial loss. In this article, we'll dive deeper into these myths and provide more detailed information on how to avoid them.

Myth #1: All Customers Pay on Time

Many business owners believe that all customers will pay on time but, unfortunately, this is far from the truth. In fact, according to a Dun & Bradstreet survey, 50 percent of all invoices are paid late. Late payments can cause serious cash flow problems for businesses, especially those that rely heavily on timely payments to meet their financial obligations. It's crucial for businesses to have a plan in place for managing late payments, including sending out reminders and following up promptly on overdue invoices.

Myth #2: You Can't Do Anything to Speed Up Payments

Another common AR myth is that there is nothing businesses can do to speed up payments. While it is true that businesses cannot force customers to pay on time, there are several things they can do to encourage timely payments. For example, businesses can offer discounts for early payments, set up automated and, critically, human payment reminders, and establish clear payment terms and policies. By implementing these measures, businesses can increase the likelihood of timely payments and reduce the risk of cash flow problems.

Myth #3: AR Is Not a Priority

Some business owners believe that AR is not a priority and that they can focus on other areas of their business instead. The most common fallacy is that driving more new sales will fix issues the business is facing. However, neglecting AR can lead to serious financial problems, including cash flow issues, bad debt, and even bankruptcy. It is crucial for businesses to prioritize AR management and establish clear policies and procedures for managing invoices and payments. This includes setting up systems for tracking payments, sending out reminders, and following up on overdue invoices over the phone.

Myth #4: It's Better to Wait for Payment Than to Charge Interest

Some businesses are hesitant to charge interest or late fees on overdue invoices because they don't want to upset their customers. However, waiting for payment can be a costly mistake. By waiting for payment, businesses are essentially giving their customers an interest-free loan. Charging interest on overdue invoices is not only fair, but it also helps to incentivize customers to pay on time. Businesses should establish clear policies and procedures for charging interest on overdue invoices and communicate these policies to their customers.

Myth #5: AR Is Only Important for Large Businesses

Smaller businesses often think that AR management is only important for larger businesses with more customers and higher volumes of transactions. However, small businesses stand to benefit the most from proper AR management. In fact, a JPMorgan Chase study that included 600,000 SMBs showed that, “The median small business holds 27 cash buffer days in reserve” (with many still having fewer than 13 days). It is absolutely crucial for small businesses to establish clear policies and procedures for managing AR as the stakes are much higher for them than mid-market or enterprise companies.

Final Thoughts

Accounts receivable management is a critical part of any business, and yet many myths surround it. By debunking these myths, business owners can make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes. It's vital to remember that not all customers pay on time, but there are things that businesses can do to encourage timely payments. AR should always be a priority, and charging interest on overdue invoices is not only fair but it also helps to incentivize customers to pay on time. Finally, AR management is important for businesses of all sizes, and neglecting it can lead to serious financial problems. By establishing clear policies and procedures for managing AR, businesses can maintain cash flow and ensure that they can meet their financial obligations.

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